Under the stars – a luxury real estate on Boracay / Philippines






Tambisaan Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines



Under the stars in paradise

If somebody needs luxury and style in vacation time, the island Boracay might be the right place to be. The panoramic view on the blue ocean, which is just incredible from the windows of your luxury apartment at “Under the stars”, has a calming effect on body and soul. The investor Hendrik van Caem has put much effort to offer his guests what they really need – room to breathe, to rest and to live. You will find on Boracay everything, that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

The little dream island Boracay, which is located just Northwest of Panay, is very popular and famous like no other Philippine island. With a length of seven kilometers and a surface of 10 square kilometers, the island is pretty small but offers a lot of variety. There are many beaches, such as the “White Beach” which regularly ranks in the Top 10 of the most beautiful beaches of the world. In the middle of this paradise, Hendrik van Caem had “Under the Stars” built. Guests who choose “Under the Stars” love the range, the nature, the high-grade equipment of the apartments and the quality of the service. The luxury apartments offer a big terrace which is aimed towards to East, so the sunset can be seen in all his beauty. Moreover, there is high-quality luxury kitchen, a movie theater as well as the possibility to make use of the chauffeur service, a nanny for the children or the 24 h house-keeping.

Witness the wonderful nature, discover the breath-taking beaches and enjoy the incredible night sky full of stars and the calming sea breeze, which blows your stress away.


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